Why does the native fear meeting people?

Why don’t I have confidence to meet people and socialize? Why I do have sharp tongue which construes as being mean for speaking the truth?

Reference the chart for the cuspal positions and the significations of the planets


11th CSL Jupiter is in 10th house in a barren sign owning 5, 8. Jupiter is in star of Rahu who is in 6 and Jupiter is in sub of Mercury who is in 5 and owns 2, 11. As 11th CSL Jupiter is connected to 11, we cannot say there won’t be no socializing at all. But since its connected to detrimental houses of 7, 8, 12 from the concerned house, there will be troubles and difficulties socializing in general.

It is interesting to observe the karakas of the concerned question are also connected i.e. Jupiter and Mercury for speech and communication.

Jupiter is getting an opposing aspect from Saturn, Sun, Mercury (who is connecting Jupiter to 11th bhava by being the sub lord of Jupiter and obstructing the 11th cusp to give its results).
Also, the 2nd cusp of speech is afflicted with square aspects from Jupiter, Sun and Saturn who are all karakas to speak truth, honestly, strictly direct without massaging the subject and Mercury the giver of speech is helping them.

And Moon, signifying mind, is near to the 2nd cusp and is getting these obstruction aspects from above planets, which shows the native just don’t have the inclination to speak.

Further insights

  1. Saturn in 4th house and Jupiter in 10th house makes native have a very good career with nice income at hand. Also, the native had to leave home or her place of birth and come to distant places to succeed.
  2. Venus is in 5th house in association with Rahu and Saturn in rapt conjunction with 5th cusp and Mars, planet of aggression, giving benefic aspect to Venus. This can make the native to be a romantic and over-sexed. Moon is giving an extreme benefic aspect to Venus here in 5th house and so probably your mind can get involved in thinking about love and romance matters.
  3. There are connections with 5th, 11th, Ketu and airy sign so probably the native will get pleasure just by thinking of love, romantic relationships.