It was August of 2019 and a querist contacted me through email on an astrology forum asking about the possibility of securing a job. After getting the birth details, analysis is done using the Nakshatra system of Astrology. At the time of query, native was running Ketu bhukti in Ketu mahadasha. Ketu mahadasha runs from 2019 July till 2026 July and in that, Ketu bhukti was running from 2019 July till 2019 December.

Moon is in the star of Saturn, Moon is connected to the 10th house through aspect. This is similar to Punarphoo yoga and the native requires multiple attempts in terms of securing a profession. Saturn is also an indicator of delay and hence the native was experiencing a lot of delays in securing a job. Saturn represents breaks in career but also contract jobs, hence when asked, native clarified she was looking for any type of jobs including contract ones.


Moon in the chart of native is lord of 12th in 4th and is posited in the Anuradha star of Saturn. Saturn is the 6th and 7th lord posited in 7th. Jupiter is posited in the 2nd house and is in Moon star Hasta. Moon is conjunct with Rahu and aspects Ketu. So both Rahu and Ketu act as an agent of Moon and give the results of Moon.

Saturn also aspects Rahu through its special 10th aspect. Rahu is posited in the Jyestha star of Mercury. Mars is the only planet posited in Rahu star Ardra. Thus, Mars will produce the results of all planets that Rahu will act as an agent for. Here, Mars gets connected to the 2nd house, 6th house and 11th house of job related houses. Moon aspects the 10th house of profession and thus Mars also gets a weaker connection to the 10th through Moon’s aspect.

Ketu is posited in the 10th house of profession in sign Vrishabha of Venus and no planets are conjunct with it. Ketu gets aspects from the Moon, Jupiter and is posited in the Rohini star of the Moon. There are no planets in Ketu’s stars, thus Ketu alone has to give the results of Moon, Venus and Jupiter. Ketu gets connected to the 2nd house through Jupiter, 6th house through Moon, 10th house by occupancy. Here, Ketu gets not only connected to houses of profession but also 5th house of job change, 3rd house of change of place through Venus and 12th house of unknown/ foreign place.

The native is running Ketu-Ketu dasha bhukti until July 2019 till December 2019. Since, Mars is posited in 11th house of gains and is in star of Rahu which gets connected to 6th house of daily service through Saturn and 12th house of unknown place (which could be a new company environment), Ketu-Ketu-Mars dasha is a fruitful period for the native to get a job. But Saturn gets strongly connected to Mars by not only aspecting Rahu, which is Mars star lord, but also by being posited in Mars’s star Dhanistha. Thus, I predicted to the native she will find a contract based job during the Ketu-Ketu-Mars Vimshottari dasha from September 2, 2019 till September 11, 2019. Also, the dictum of the great KSK states that, when Saturn causes delay in any matter, unless the dasha or bhukti or anthra of Saturn is complete, the matter will not come to fruition. Here, Ketu-Ketu-Saturn runs from October 23, 2019 till November 15, 2019. Then on, Ketu-Ketu-Mercury dasha commences from November 15, 2019 till December 06, 2019. Mercury is a fruitful significator of job houses by being the lord of 2nd and 11th house and being posited in the star of Jupiter. When Mercury anthra runs, Venus also comes into play since Venus is posited in the star of Mercury. Hence 3rd house, 5th house come into play in the dasha/bhukti of Ketu which is strongly connected to 10th house. Hence, the native will change jobs to find a permanent one in the VMD of Ketu-Ketu-Mercury which runs after Ketu-Ketu-Saturn.


Native will find a job in:
Ketu-Ketu-Mars dasha from September 2, 2019 till September 11, 2019.
Ketu-Ketu-Mercury dasha from November 15, 2019 till December 06, 2019.

Feedback from native after she got the job

“I got the call Sept 3 from my temp agency and today (Sept 4) was my first day at job.I told the lady at the temp agency that I will accept this job, but that I would still like for her to keep looking for something more aligned with my goals and education. She is continuing to look while I work here. I was starting to lose hope on finding a job this year, so when I read your Sept 2 prediction I didn’t know how it could possibly be true. But when the recruiter called me on Sept 3, your prediction was the first thing I thought about!”.

On September 4, 2019 got this email from the native.

“You were right again! Your prediction that a job change will come between Nov. 15 and Dec. 6 was spot on. I applied for a job Oct 20th (Sunday night), received an email from the company Oct 21 about making an appointment. Had a phone interview on Oct 23, and after the interview they told me to come to an-person interview (which I had today and got hired). The first day I start is November 18. So your prediction was right. Thanks!”

On October 24, 2019 got another email from the native.