ayam muhurtha: sumuhurtho asthu

In Vedic marriages we hear above mantra right before the sacred knot is tied while uttering “mangalyam tantunanena mama jeevana hetuna…”.

This sacred line about the muhurtha indicates the very importance of it. The priest performing the marriage by saying the above line tells the bride and groom that this particular muhurtha or time is the best time to tie the knot and all the blessings from the celestial beings are being showered on the couple.

But nowadays regrettably, many a youth and parents of the bride and groom too, forget the importance of muhurtha but give unnecessary attention to grandeur, photo shoots, food items and big fat reception only to showcase their wealth and prestige only to realize the couple are in complete disharmony and leaning towards divorce just days or months after marriage.

Though it is now widely followed by many (at least in India) to match the horoscopes before starting a new phase of life, muhurtha also plays a very pivotal role in any new initiations.

I got a request on Facebook by this one particular user to comment on a post about his marriage muhurtha. The time was given by his local priest and somehow he wasn’t very confident on that time so asked for comments on Facebook. The time given to him was 3:30 AM local time in the month of June last year. I immediately commented to the user to ask their preist to change the muhurtha to 8:30 AM or at the very least get married after 4:05 AM local time.

After 6 months, I got a chance to chat with that person and he mentioned that he got married at 3:30 AM i.e. the same muhurtha his priest initially set the marriage timing for. But the sad news was that, he got separated with his wife just 5 months after his marriage and is still living away from his wife till date.

Though matching horoscopes is an important part of the decision making process, muhurtha is no less factor. Bad muhurtha can cause turbulence in an otherwise smooth marital life for two suitably matched horoscopes.

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