Long Life – Deergha Ayurdaya/ Poorna Ayurdaya

When benefics, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury, are in Quadrants/ Kendras of 1, 4, 7 and 10 and in Trines/ Konas of 1, 5 and 9 then the native has a long life above 66 years.

– PhalaDeepika

There’s a little more to the above rule from Phaladeepika that needs to be considered before taking it into our calculations. Entire longevity calculation is dependent on the three benefics – Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. However, Mercury should not be afflicted for it to be a benefic. Saturn is the natural karaka for longevity i.e. aayush karaka and hence any conjunction or aspect of benefics from Saturn is beneficial in terms of longevity.

We need to carefully study if these benefic planets are not be placed in 6, 8 and 12 for long life. If at all they are placed in 6 or 8, they should be exalted or retrograde to gain strength, because retrograde motion gives the planet “Chesta Bala” aka directional strength, one of the important strength evaluation concepts in Shadbala system.

Let’s test these concepts on an example chart.

  • In this example, Lagna falls in Saggitarius sign. As per the rules laid out by the rishi
  • 1. Guru is in 9 strongest Kona, Budha is in 10 strongest Kendra and Venus though is in 11th house, it is in own sign.
  • 2. Budha being with Sun is not considered as afflicted.
  • 3. Here though Mars the 12th lord is conjunct with Jupiter, it is not considered an affliction.
  • 4. Budha is in 10th house, a Kendra, and is exalted.
  • 5. Though Budha is conjunct with Sun, which is considered a natural malefic in Vedic astrology, Sun here is the Bhagyadhipati being the 9th lord. Hence, Mercury is not considered afflicted.
  • 5. Significator of longevity, Saturn, aspects Venus in 11th house.

The chart is of M.Visweshwarayya who lived a long life of 101 years.

Let’s see how this fares in our Stellar astrology method.

  • 1. Lagna falls in Venus star. Venus is in 11th house in star of Saturn placed in 9th. Shani himself is in Venus star, hence Shukra and Shani both get positional status.
  • 2. Lagna lord Guru is in 9th in star of Venus in 11th. Venus being in positional status makes Guru also stronger. No planets in Guru stars.
  • 3. 8th lord is Moon placed in 2nd house. Moon is in her own star and gets stronger with positional status. No planets in Moon stars.
  • 4. Though Kuja is conjunct with Guru, Kuja being a 12th lord but is also 5th lord of poorva punya.

Both the 1st and 8th house are not linked with Badhaka Mercury in anyway, and also the 8th lord of longevity is in positional status and with no planets in her stars. Thus, it gives a full long life to the native in stellar system.

Verdict: Both the Vedic and Stellar approches predict long life for this native.