Above is the KP chart of a native (obviously, DOB/Time/Place details are blurred out for privacy). The question was if the native has any chance of foreign tour in the near future

12th CSL Sa in star of Ke and sub of Mo. Sa is in rapt conjunction with Me and Su.

Ke in 10 and represents Ju, Ve, Su, Me.

Ju in star of Su => 5|10|10|2,5
Ve in star of Me => 5|8,11|5|7,12
Me in star of Ke => 10|5|8,11
Su in star of Ke => 10|5|10
Mo in star of Ju => 10|2,5|4|9

Mo is untenanted and strong sig. for 9. 12th CSL Sa owns 3 and in sub of Mo connected to 9th. So, there will be foreign settlement in his birth.

Cuspal Sublord connections shows the native karma to in the past to bring an event into the native’s current life. But the very important is that the right Dasha-Bhukti-Anthra-Sookshma periods of the significators should come at the right appropriate time for an event to come to fruition.

Example: 7th CSL signifies 2,7,11 indicates the native has good karmic deposit to bring about the results of these bhavas. But, if the right DBA runs, lets say at 20+ (or) 30+ years of age, these bhavas bring about marriage. But, the same bhavas, during the DBA period running at the native’s age of 50 (or) 60 can bring death. Thus, any chart should be analyzed using the concept of Desha – Kaala – Paatra, meaning the location, time and the state of the native should always be taken into consideration during predictions.

Coming back,

Sa (in a barren sign) in star of Ke (barren planet in virgo barren sign) aspects the 12th cusp indicating delays, frustration and connected to 11th (negating house) and 8th house of disappointments thru Me and 2nd (negating 3rd) of travel. There is 10th house connection indicating profession.

Sa in sub of Moon indicating Punarphoo dosha (punarphoo – multiple/repeat dosha), so possibly the native has to try multiple attempts to get foreign travel into fruition.

Considering the Desha-Kaala-Paatra, visa or passport issue is seen from the 3rd house.

3rd CSL is Ve(R) in star of Me and sub of Su. Again Me in rapt conj. with Sa indicating delays and frustration.
Though the star lord Me owns 11 it also signifies 10 (negating success) and 8th of disappointments. sub lord Su strongly indicates 10 negating success. So possibly he has troubles with visa or lottery process.

Significators of 3,9,12:

Table-C: Significators of favorable houses
3 - - Ra Sa
9 - - - Mo
12 - - - Ve
Table-C: Significators of negating/unfavorable houses
2 - - Mo Ju
8 - - Ma, Ve Me
11 - - Mo Ju

Joint significators: Ra | Sa, Mo, Ve | Ke

Bhava Sig. PCS PSS
3 Ra -- --
Sa Ra Mo, Ju
9 Mo -- Ma, Sa
12 Ve -- --
Ke Su, Me, Sa Su

PCS=Planets in stars of significators: — (Ra), Ra (Sa), –(Mo), –(Ve), Su, Me and Sa (Ke)
PSS=Planets in sub of significators: –(Ra), Mo and Ju (Sa), Ma and Sa (Mo), –(Ve), Su (Ke)

Combined sig. PCS+PSS => Mo, Ju, Ma, Sa, Su, Ra, Me

Mo is strong sig of 2,8 and Ma,Ve is strong sig. for 8
so fruitful sig. => Sa, Su, Ra

Native is born in 1969.

As on the date of analysis, the native’s running Ketu dasha/Venus bhukti. Ketu though signifies 12, it also signifies 11 and 2 and 8 negating 3,9,12. the Dasha lord itself is not strong.

Next occuring mahadasha is of Venus who also is strong significator for 8,11 and weak significator for 12.

Next occuring mahadasha is of Sun, who is a strong significator for event related houses. But Sun dasha runs from 2045 where the native gets 76 years of age. Possibly he can get to travel then, but its dependent of longevity and other factors.

For an event to happen, all the Dasha Bhukti Anthra lords should all jointly agree, if not the event falls through. So, as seen here, the native has the karmic deposits from his porrva punya to travel abroad, but the right DBA not occuring at right time is hindering his desire.